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Fitment Guide / General Installation Instructions

As we customise each car bra to fit each particular model fitting can vary...
The most common fitment proceedure is as follows:

Each CAR-BRA is like a second skin that goes over the car, the starting point is:

  1. Hook the bended grip at the top of the CAR~BRA on one side of the wheel arch at the highest point.

  2. Stretch across the bonnet and hook on other side.

  3. Align the CAR~BRA with the head lights, number plate and driving lights if any, then the turn wheel outward so you can get your hand behind it.

  4. Just hook 2 elastics under or beyond the front bumper bar just to keep the CAR~BRA in place.

  5. Stretch the elastics inside the black dust cover the inside the wheel arch as far as possible, if you do not have hooks with elastics you will have bendable grips – just bend grips around and inside wheel arch.

  6. Mark the area and with the smallest sharp screw driver, place a tiny hole to accommodate the metal hooks in the dust cover.

  7. Hook all the remainder elastics along the bottom and you are done... E-e-e-a-s-y!

  8. If all else fails, CALL US!

This general fitment guide is also available as a PDF download - which can be accessed by clicking here (97kb file size).


Frequently Asked Questions / Product Questions

How long will a Genuine CAR-BRA last?
Out genuine quality CAR-BRA’s can last up to 7 years or more if you look after them. That’s longer than most people hold on to most cars for.

Where there is and air-intake is that area open?
Where there is an air-intake we use a soft screen / mesh to block out locusts and other bugs to enter the radiator but it still allows the maximum volume of air to flow into the car.

Will the CAR-BRA scratch my car?
No! Our CAR-BRAs are the REAL McCOY, not the generic type that you can buy for less than half price. Over the years we’ve seen some disasters with the generic type - as they are an inferior product - unfinished and the screen / mesh used is very harsh and will certainly scratch the paint work. Don’t risk anything other than an Original CAR-BRA!

Do bonnet straps apply to all cars?
No, only some car models. The reason depends on the vehicle type and shape. Some vehicles have very rounded noses (unlike the old squarer ones), so in order to ensure that your CAR-BRA does not slip and get caught under the car - we use straps to ensure placement one some vehicle types only.

Why do I need to place tiny small holes in the black dust cover inside the wheel arch?
By using this method you are guaranteed that the CAR-BRA is totally secure and will not fall or slip under the car. We have tried several methods over the years such as velcro - but engine heat causes the velcro to fail and dislodges the CAR-BRA.

I don’t see an example of my car on the website.
It is impossible for us to display photos of all the CAR-BRA’s. We’ve manufactured over 5000 different models. Just because you don’t see an example on our site doesn’t mean we don’t make it! Please contact us via email or phone, we are happy to guide anyone considering purchasing a CAR-BRA!

How do i know that it will fit my car?
We GUARANTEE that it will fit your car as all of our CAR-BRA’s are specifically custom made to fit each model perfectly.
Insist on the best - the ORIGINAL CAR-BRA ®



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