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CAR-BRA, the premium quality protection to the front of your vehicle

Our CAR-BRA’s are designed to protect the front section of your vehicle from damage by stones, insects and other driving damage. A special water resistant durable vinyl with a soft felt backing has been developed to provide perfect protection for your vehicle.

In areas of the main headlights, indicators or driving lights we use soft ultraviolet resistant P.V.C (perspex) with the exception of the pop up head lights, which are cut out and covered separately and secured using velcro. No screws, velcro (aside from the pop-up lights) or press studs are used to secure the CAR-BRA.

Fitting the CAR-BRA takes only a few minutes - soft padded grips on the side of the CAR-BRA bend around the wheel arches, followed by elastics or further grips along the bottom and sides.

Among our wide selection of CAR-BRA models we cover almost anything on four wheels, and for special or unique cars we will custom design a CAR-BRA to fit your car at t a moderate cost.

We deliver Australia wide via overnight freight and overseas by other arrangements.


Colour Specifications / Availability:


  • Carbon Black
    Carbon Black
  • Standard Black
    Standard Black
  • Carbon Silver
    Carbon Silver
  • Mercury Silver
    Mercury Silver
  • Light Silver
    Light Silver
  • Topaz
  • White
  • British Racing Green
    British Racing Green
  • Hot House Green
    Hot House Green
  • Fusion
  • Devil Yellow
    Devil Yellow
  • Canary Yellow
    Canary Yellow
  • Purple Cosmo
    Purple Cosmo
  • Deep Blue
    Deep Blue
  • Impulse Blue
    Impulse Blue
  • World Rally Blue
    World Rally Blue
  • Velocity Blue
    Velocity Blue
  • Fire Red
    Fire Red
  • Red Hot
    Red Hot
  • Seduced Red
    Seduced Red

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