Fitment Guide / General Installation Instructions As we customise each car bra to fit each particular model fitting can vary… The most common fitment procedure is as follows: Each CAR-BRA is like a second skin that goes over the car, the starting point is: 1 . Hook the bended grip at the top of the CAR~BRA on one side of the wheel arch at the highest point. 2 . Stretch across the bonnet and hook on other side. 3 . Align the CAR~BRA with the head lights, number plate and driving lights if any, then the turn wheel outward so you can get your hand behind it. 4 . Just hook 2 elastics under or beyond the front bumper bar just to keep the CAR~BRA in place. 5 . Stretch the elastics inside the black dust cover the inside the wheel arch as far as possible, if you do not have hooks with elastics you will have bendable grips – just bend grips around and inside wheel arch. 6 . Mark the area and with the smallest sharp screw driver, place a tiny hole to accommodate the metal hooks in the dust cover. 7 . Hook all the remainder elastics along the bottom and you are done… E-e-e-a-s-y! 8 . Completely check to make sure that the Car-Bra is snug and tight and everything fits properly and is in position. If all else fails, CALL US!  


1a) If a car has been RESPRAYED with acrylic or non baked paint we do not recommend the use of a Car-Bra 2a) BAKED ENAMEL: If car is original baked enamel or re-sprayed in baked enamel do not use Car=Bra for the first 2 weeks. 2b) BAKED ENAMEL: You may drive with a Car-Bra on when raining but as soon as you get to destination or you stop the engine remove Car-Bra from car and allow to dry out.If Car-Bra is still wet next day you can use it,Car-Bra will dry out whilst you drive. 2c) The Car-Bra is NOT designed to be left permanently on the vehicle. Driving in rain will NOT reduce or affect the performance of your Car-Bra. 3) Before using the Car-Bra make sure that the car is free of any rough objects such as mud,dry leaves,bugs etc. 4) If Car-Bra becomes loose (ACROSS THE BONNET) re-stretch it and re-bend all grips on the side of the Car-Bra ensure that there is no movement of the Car-Bra .If movement is evident, adjust the metal plates in the grips Car-Bra Australia will not be responsible for any damage due to incorrect fitting of the Car-Bra. 5) DO NOT USE petrol,thinners or any hard chemicals to clean the Car-Bra, use soap and water only 6) TO WASH CAR-BRA: We suggest you can wash Car-Bra whilst on the car on the outside-remove and wash the inside. Dry it out before use.Occasionally when Car-Bra is very dirty soak it in laundry trough with warm water and detergent rinse well and dry it out before use. 7) In the case where after market paint protector has been used restrictions apply. 8) To maintain a Car-Bra use non silicon products,such as vinyl protector,303 or similar. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: WE DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER.UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

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Unless otherwise stated on the Site ,all products sold by Car Bra Australia are sold under the manufacturer’s warranty and conditions from the date of purchase.Replacedment products or refund (including shipping) will be provided by Car Bra Australia where: a) The product is faulty or not of acceptable quality;or b) The product is not fit for its intended purpose; or c) The product does not match your vehicle Replacement product or refund will only be completed upon receipt and inspection of item that are deemed faulty or incorrectly supplied. Where a warranty fault has been recognised and accepted by us,shipping expenses will be refunded and exchange on refund will only be provided on products that are clean,unused with original packaging If you receive an incorrect or faulty product please contact us within 7 days of delivery. d) All Custom made products are non returnable. e) All returns must have a RA # (return authorization number) prior to return. Please EMAIL for a RA # and return to address to